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Preschool Procedures for MAIN PRESCHOOL ENTRANCE:


                Drop-off: 7:55-8:00AM

                Pick-up: 11:00 AM


                Drop-off: 11:25- 11:30AM

                Pick-up: 2:30 PM

PARKING:   Lot across from the Preschool Entrance. 


Escort child to/from Preschool Entrance

Check-in/Check-out (ELEMENTARY OFFICE- Yellow sign in/out sheet): If you are not able to pick-up or drop-off child during the above times, you must enter through the elementary office as well as sign them in/out.


Dawson Springs Independent Schools offer preschool programming for young children living in Dawson Springs.  The half-day programs are free of charge to parents and transportation is provided.  Children attend school Monday through Thursday.

The program is designed to be developmentally appropriate for all children and includes low income four-year-olds and all ability levels, including those identified as disabled.  It also includes three-year-olds identified as disabled.

Entry Requirements

To be considered as a four-year-old, a child must turn four by August 1 of the present school year.  A child born after August 1 of the present school year is considered a three-year-old for the entire school year.

To qualify for the preschool program a child must be either:

1.) four years old by August 1 and qualify for free school lunches under federal guidelines,


2.) three or four years old and developmentally delayed.

Priority placement is given to qualifying children; however, if space is available, the program is open for any four-year-old child.


Kristin Smiley,  Districtwide Program Coordinator

(270) 797-2991      ext. 3

Fax # (270) 797-5202

118 East Arcadia Avenue | Dawson Springs, KY 42408