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July 30, 2020 - From Superintendent Whalen

Due to ongoing health and safety concerns and the increasing COVID-19 cases in Kentucky and nationally, the Dawson Springs Board of Education will have a special virtual (online) Board meeting on Monday, August 3rd at 6pm. The main topic of this meeting will be to discuss and potentially approve school starting on September 1, 2020 for students using virtual remote instruction. This would have students working and learning from home as they are instructed by their teacher(s) from school. Wi-fi capable computers will be available for students to “check out” from school if needed. Much more information and specifics will follow in the coming weeks.

The agenda for this virtual meeting will be posted shortly on the district Kentucky School Board Association (KSBA) portal. It can be found here HERE

The special virtual Board meeting on Monday as mentioned above will also be streamed live on the district Facebook page.


July 21, 2020 - Back to School Letter and Update to Parents for September 1 Start Date HERE


July 8, 2020 - Important Back to School Plans - please click HERE


Please click the following links for important information

NTI Day Meal and Academic Contact Information

Notification From Superindendant Whalen

NTI Reference Guide for Families

What to know about the Coronavirus





WELCOME to Dawson Springs Independent Schools, 

At the Dawson Springs Board of Education meeting held on January 27, 2020, our Board approved a new Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and a new District Motto. Each of these new statements were developed and revised by students, staff, and local stakeholders. They were also vetted over a several month period with multiple surveys and feedback. Please see the new statements below.


The Mission of the Dawson Springs Independent School District is to educate, equip, and empower every student to be transition ready, college and/or career ready, and life ready. 


The Vision of the Dawson Springs Independent School District is that every student and family become lifelong learners and that each grows and flourishes as a responsible, productive and engaged citizen within our complex, ever-changing world.


A Tradition of Success


Our District will use these new statements in various ways as we proceed educating our children. We believe these new statements reflect our basic core beliefs. We hope all our students, staff, and our community will become familiar with the new statements and use them as needed as a fundamental foundation for everything we do.


Dawson Springs Independent Schools: A TRADITION OF SUCCESS!



The Dawson Springs Independent School District is fully accredited by the Kentucky Department of Education and serves approximately 700 students.  the school district boundaries include the Tradewater River to the south and west, the railroad line to the east, and the West Kentucky Parkway (now I69), to the north.  Students from other school counties and school districts are accepted for enrollment with the approval of the Administrative Staff and the agreement of the School District where the student lives.

A staff of approximately 100 people are employed by the school district.  Dawson Springs Elementary School enrolls students in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade.  Dawson Springs Junior High / High School serves students in grades 7 through 12.  Both schools are located on the same campus at 317 Eli Street, Dawson Springs, KY.

If you have questions or desire further information about the Dawson Springs Independent School District, contact the Board of Education Office at 270-797-3811, or visit the office at 118 East Arcadia Avenue, Dawson Springs, KY.

Dawson Springs Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, marital status, gender, or handicap in employment, educational programs, or activities, as set for the in Title IX, Title VI, or Section 504.







118 East Arcadia Avenue | Dawson Springs, KY 42408